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A Happy Pig is an Outdoor Pig

Pigs are natural browsers and grazers who gain much from spending as much time as possible in an outdoor environment. All the rare and other traditional breeds of British pig were bred as hardy outdoor animals. If provided with some suitable protection against the elements, a good stockman's care and attention plus the freedom to move at will they produce good healthy litters.

An outdoor pig will not dirty its living and sleeping area for contrary to popular belief the pig is not a dirty animal. With a traditional wooden outdoor ark there is less work ‘mucking out’ and more time to enjoy the real pleasures of pig keeping. Your pigs will be happier ......... and so will you!

A pig needs a warm and dry home in which to sleep and rest. Protection against the wind and rain is important but pigs also need shade. Like humans a pig can get sunburnt and shelter against those harmful rays should not be overlooked.

Traditional Pig Arks for Sale

Four sizes to suit all needs

Because the needs of all our customers vary based on the size, number and breed of pigs they keep we produce four arks to meet all requirements......the ‘Premier’........the ‘All Purpose’.......the 'John Henry de Lux' and the ‘Standard’. We recommend that all timbers are pressure treated (‘tanalised’) for longer life.

All arks now come with two doors - one front and one rear

Premier Pig Ark

Floor size 8’ x 7’ with height of 5’4" at the apex giving easy access for both the pig keeper and (if required) the vet. Will accommodate up to three fully grown pigs/ a sow and litter/ 6 to 8 ‘porkers’ or 15 to 20 weaner/growers.

Ideal for a sow and litter.

All Purpose Pig Ark

Floor size 8’ x 5’ with height of 4’6". This ark will accommodate two fully grown pigs/ sow and litter/up to six ‘porkers’ or 10 to 15 weaner/growers.

Perfect for two or three bacon pigs.

Standard Pig Ark

Floor size 8’x 4’ with height of 3’5". Ideal for smaller breeds (Kune-Kune, Potbellied etc.) that are not breeding. Will also accommodate 2 to 3 ‘porkers’/2 to 3 young gilts/small sow or young boar.

Just right for three pigs up to pork weight.

John Henry De-Lux

A brand new design to give even more choice to our customers. The three foot high straight sides in addition to the roof height gives far more room inside making movement inside the ark easier for both the pigs and the pig keeping. Floor size 8' x 8' and with the advantage of an additional bolt-on door at the rear as well as the front of the ark (picture shows ark without front door bolted on). Will sleep four sows comfortably, a litter and more 'porkers', a sow and litter or a big boar (hence the name 'John Henry De-Lux') and two or three ladies.

Great for farrowing.


- a metal ark (hot in summer and cool in winter) or a traditional wooden home?
- your bed on a damp earth floor or on a dry wooden one?
- freedom to go in and out at leisure or be restricted to limited space and movement?

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